Day 15 ❤️ “LET GO”

Day 15 – “Let go”

The expression “Let go” is also used in this 5 minutes meditation exercise, which I enjoy a few times a week. I open my eyes with more energy and mind focus, or a feeling of being myself, after a few minutes of medication practice:)

SOURCE TEXT – Mindfulness Guided Meditation – 5 Minutes

(1:33) …whatever you notice is ok. And anything that takes you away from this noticing is a distraction. Any thought about the future or the past, any worry or expectation. Any internal dialogue or judgement. Notice and let go. With forgiveness, with patience, notice and let go. 


Thoughts IN Translation

この let go は、「忘れてください」でもいいかなと思いましたが、認識したものをすぐに「(マインドが)忘れる」という段階に至るのは相当困難なので、「意識して忘れる」という意味がニュアンス的に含まれそうな「手放す」にしてみました。









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