Day 16 ♥ Portland Local News – Lead level in water

DAY 16 – Local News from Portland Oregon  

I used to live in Portland, Oregon. It is a beautiful city and I loved living there. Just checked the local news that reports highest lead level in water in some areas. That’s pretty scary. Hope people won’t have a permanent effect on their bodies by accidentally drinking it.

SOURCE TEXT: The Oregonian (June 12th, 2016)

Two Portland-area water samples set records for lead

Water collected in two Portland-area homes recently logged the highest lead levels reported locally in nearly two decades, new testing data obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows.

Water from a home in Tigard recorded lead of 648 parts per billion. A home in unincorporated Washington County tested at 113 parts per billion.

MY Translation




Thoughts on Translation

unincorporated Washington County – “unincorporated(非法人化)” が Washington 全体にかかるのか、それとも、Washington の一部に非法人化地域があるのかがわからなかったのですが、答えは後者の、郡の中に非法人化地域がある(Washington County, Oregon)みたいです。

lead of 648 parts per billion – これも厄介でした。他にいい訳があれば、ぜひ教えてください。


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