Day 18 ❤ Color theory

Day 18 – Color Theory

I love sky blue and whitish green. Well, I like many colors. Personal preference on color seems highly subject to your sense, which is pretty interesting.

SOURCE TEXT – Color Matters : Basic Color Theory “Color Context

Different readings of the same color

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If your computer has sufficient color stability and gamma correction (link to Is Your Computer Color Blind?) you will see that the small purple rectangle on the left appears to have a red-purple tinge when compared to the small purple rectangle on the right. They are both the same color as seen in the illustration below. This demonstrates how three colors can be perceived as four colors.

Note: The image above is cited from the website Color Matters


MY Translation


お使いのコンピュータの色の安定性が高く、ガンマ補正が行われている場合(参照リンク:Is Your Computer Color Blind?)、上の図では、右側の小さな四角の紫と比べて、左側の小さな四角の紫が赤紫っぽく見えるのにお気づきだろうか。実際は下に示したように両方とも同じ色。これは、3つの色が 4色に認識されることを示した例である。


Thoughts IN Translation




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