Quality >Quantity of Practice

In the video with which I used today to practice my interpretation, Angela talks about time you spend on deliberate practice. She suggests that world-class athletes would spend 4 hours per day at maximum, thus appropriate amount of time for kids to do deliberate practice would be a lot shorter.

Overall, quality matters first and then we can think about quantity.

This made me think about my interpretation practice – it has become sort of routine for me to do an interpretation practice, but am I doing it truly mindfully, appropriately and with a carefully-planned way?

GRIT – Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth: “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” | Talks at Google

In the middle of the talk at Google, Angela Duckworth touched upon “relationship between cultural identity and GRIT”, which was very insightful. She brought attention to Finland as a national example of showing that relationship.

She said that there is a word called “Sisu” in Finnish that generally translates to “GRIT” but literally means humans’ internal “gut”. When Finns work on something challenging but they fall short, they reach their “Sisu” and do it anyway.

This totally makes sense to me that if you are raised with that kind of mentality that is woven in your culture, you would be on your way to be gritter as you grow up.