Quality >Quantity of Practice

In the video with which I used today to practice my interpretation, Angela talks about time you spend on deliberate practice. She suggests that world-class athletes would spend 4 hours per day at maximum, thus appropriate amount of time for kids to do deliberate practice would be a lot shorter.

Overall, quality matters first and then we can think about quantity.

This made me think about my interpretation practice – it has become sort of routine for me to do an interpretation practice, but am I doing it truly mindfully, appropriately and with a carefully-planned way?

エリス トータルって誰?

今日、英日の通訳の練習をしていたときに、英語の話者が「エリス トータルがこう言ったんです、、、」と言っていて、名前の部分が聞き取れなかった。「エリス トータル」って誰?心理学者?と「Elis Total」などと検索したけれど、出てこない。適当に、いろんな綴りで検索していたら、検索エンジンの上部に「Aristotle?」と検索すべき候補の綴りがでてきて、「まさか!」と思いながら、その発音を聞いてみたら、まさにこれだった。





Challenge of not getting bored

Today I practiced interpretation using this video.

The speaker is a Japanese comedian / picture book writer and he runs a big community called “ONLINE SALON (Japanglish)” where more than 40,000 members enjoy contents and messages he delivers.

In my interpretation practice today, I simply listened to this video and did consecutive interpretation – some words were hard to come up in English:


→ It also serves my own purpose of self-discipline


→ we now encounter less and less resilience against cloudfunding


→ as cloudfunding becomes common


→after-school day care in Fukuoka city


→ earn immense amount of money

One point he mentioned was particularly interesting to me was that we’re now in the era of community / group rather than the era of individual as anybody can post online.