Mind and Wellness

  • A series of blog texts about Yoga
  • (Interpretation) Marketing survey questions regarding shampoos / conditioners / facial care products
  • New product launch description for cosmetic items
  • Hotel brand’s spa websites

Education and Learning

  • School interpretation for parent-teacher meetings
  • Gems and gemology educational website
  • e-learning materials for hotel employees
  • U.S. sports company’s kids camp brochure and web pages
  • ESL learning institute’s course brochure
  • Subtitles for academic conferences
  • UI for eLearning apps
  • Academic paper summaries on linguistics
  • Paper summaries on Japanese language education
  • College brochures for a Japanese university

Business Communication

  • On-site interpretation for a national TV show featuring cool things about Japan
  • Interpretation for on-site and teleconferences for an advertising company
  • Employee satisfaction survey – questions and responses
  • Analytical papers / presentations on specific industries and corporations
  • Company’s internal survey
  • Business model / product proposals for company homepage
  • Invitation letters to a press conference in Tokyo
  • Internal communications documents (Meeting minutes, business letters, e-mails, etc.)
  • Professional resumes

Writing Work

Freelance writer with Quill Content for Twitter (article with interviews about success stories using business Twitter account / E-mail Newsletter).


These are extraction of past projects I have worked for my clients, but please feel free to let me know your topics and I’m happy to let you know if the projects are doable for me.

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