Skin Care / Health / Beauty / Jewelry 

  • Skin care product descriptions
  • Marketing translation for new jewelry products for well-known brands
  • (Interpretation) Marketing survey questions regarding shampoos / conditioners / facial care products
  • Jewelry store website
  • New product launch description for cosmetic items
  • Watch brand catalogs
  • Fashion / textile descriptions for online market


  • Gems and gemology educational website
  • e-learning materials for hotel employees
  • Informational clips about reptiles all over the world
  • U.S. sports company’s kids camp brochure and webpages
  • ESL learning institute’s course brochure
  • Subtitles for academic conferences
  • UI for a virtual language learning game (Android)
  • Academic paper summaries on linguistics
  • Paper summaries on Japanese language education
  • College brochures for a Japanese university


  • Employee satisfaction survey – questions and responses
  • Analytical papers / presentations on specific industries and corporations
  • Company’s internal survey
  • Business model / product proposals for company homepage
  • Invitation letters to a press conference in Tokyo
  • NDA documents related to corporate litigation
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy policy
  • Internal communications documents (Meeting minutes, business letters, e-mails, etc.)
  • Professional resumes


  • American Romance movie
  • A series of comedy clips in English
  • Behind the scene clip for a Japanese movie (Human drama)
  • Japanese classic film about Tea ceremony
  • Japanese TV dramas (Detective story / Human drama)
  • Japanese comedies
  • Marketing videos


    • Hotel website along with its booking pages
    • Rental office information
    • Airbag (for leisure) descriptions
    • Airline brochure regarding their new features
    • Care instructions for items such as bag, water bottle, and gloves
    • Apparel website
    • Restaurant Menus
    • Android game
    • Room booking website
    • Sports athletes’ interviews
    • Passport
    • Chat messenger app UI
    • Computer game UI
    • Task management app UI
    • Photo app UI
    • Texts for a music magazine
    • Pet food advertisement

Writing Work

Freelance writer with Quill Content for Twitter (article with interviews about success stories using business Twitter account / E-mail Newsletter).


On-site interpretation for a national TV show featuring cool things about Japan

Consumer survey interview sessions regarding shampoos, conditioners, etc.

School interpretation for parent-teacher meetings (public school in Tokyo)

On-site and tele meetings for an advertising company (teleconferences)

4 thoughts on “Experience

  1. Hi Ryoko, I came by your site by way of Proz. I’m currently looking for a english to japanese translator for business news related web clips into subtitles. This will be a regular once a week gig starting january next year. The clips are about 5-7 minutes in length. One potential difficulty is that just for the first week of January, five clips need to be translated. If you’re interested, please let me know your rate and if you have any questions. Thanks, Joe

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