Day 19 ❤ Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Day 19 – Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I enjoy drinking a cup or cups of coffee pretty much every morning. When I lived in Portland, OR, my favorite coffee beans were ones from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

SOURCE TEXT – Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Jobs

Who We Are

We work hard. We make lots of jokes. We cheers beers, ride bikes together, go to shows and trade dogsitting favors. We have tremendous amounts of respect for each other and for what we do. Stumptown is a family on an elemental level. Many of us are artists, musicians, creative types, and passionate types. It helps our coffee taste better and it makes our work lives richer.

And we drink the best office coffee on the planet.

MY Translation

僕らは懸命に働く。ジョークもよく言う。ビールを飲んだり、一緒に自転車で出かけたり。舞台を観に行ったり、ドッグシッターを任せあったりもする。お互いを、そしてそれぞれの仕事ぶりを、とても尊重しているんだ。Stumptown は、根本的には一つの家族。僕たちの多くは、アーティストでだったり音楽家だったりして、クリエイティブで情熱的なタイプ。だからこそ僕らのコーヒーは美味いし、人生が充実している。


Thoughts IN Translation



STUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS, Jobs, best office coffee on the planet


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