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Day 21 ❤️ Morning Beauty Routine

Day 22 – Morning Beauty Routine of Miranda Kerr – 2

This text is from the same website as Day 17 – Miranda Kerr’s morning routine. Personally I’ve never tried “dry body brushing.” In my house where I grew up, there was no such thing  called “dry brush”! Am I the only one who consider a body brush is to be used on pretty horses….? Anyway, here it is.


Pre shower – Dry body brushing

Dry body brushing is an integral part of my daily regime. It’s a great way to get the circulation going, remove dead skin cells, aid lymphatic drainage, detoxify your system and keep your skin smooth all over. I start with my feet and legs and work my way up in quick gentle strokes… it needn’t be too time consuming and just takes a few minutes before jumping into the shower.

MY Translation


毎日のお手入れに欠かせないドライボディブラッシング。血の巡りを良くし、角質除去、リンパ液の循環促進、デトックスの効果があるほか、お肌も全体的に滑らかに。私は足先から始めて、足全体、上半身へと素早く優しく撫でていくの。長い時間をかける必要はなし。シャワーを浴びる前の数分間で OK よ。

Thoughts IN Translation

難しかったのは aid lymphatic drainage。” lymphatic drainage” は、リンパマッサージ療法というニュアンスを持ち『リンパドレナージ(リンパドレナージュ)』というカタカナ表記で一般的になっていると思います。しかしこの「リンパドレナージ」はサロンで受ける施術という扱いで使われているため、今回はその訳だと読み手に伝わりにくい。よって、「リンパ液の循環促進」としました。

dry body brushing, lymphatic drainage, dead skin cell, detoxify system, keep skin smooth, gentle strokes,


Day 20 ❤ Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Day 20 – Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Continued from Day 19.

SOURCE TEXT – Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Jobs

“Every Stumptown employee is a steward of that single coffee cherry, from the time it gets picked until the time it ends up in your cup. Stumptown is an energy and a vibe and a culture, but it all ultimately revolves around amazing, incredible coffee.” —Skip Colombo, Partnerships & Sales

MY Transaltion

Stumptown で働いている全員が、コーヒー豆のソムリエなんだ。一つのコーヒーの実が収穫されコップに注がれるまでがぼくらの務め。Stumptown はエネルギーであり、そのバイブレーションであり、文化。だけど究極のところ、人を唸らせるうまいコーヒーに原点がある。- 提携販売部門 スキップ・コロンボ

Thoughts IN Translation

coffee cherry – 直訳すると「コーヒーチェリー」ですが、日本では一般的にはあまり馴染みのない言葉。Vibe – 比較的若い英語話者から聞く言葉。個人的には、特にポジティブ思考の若い女性から聞くことが多い気がします。病気や困難な状況に面している相手に、”Sending you good vibes!” とか言うのをよく聞きます。「雰囲気」とも訳せますが、この文脈に「雰囲気」だとなんだか言葉の流れに活気がなくなってしまう気もするので、あえてカタカナで訳しました。


Stumptown, coffee, coffee cherry, energy, vibes, culture, revolve around, incredible coffee


Day 19 ❤ Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Day 19 – Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I enjoy drinking a cup or cups of coffee pretty much every morning. When I lived in Portland, OR, my favorite coffee beans were ones from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

SOURCE TEXT – Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Jobs

Who We Are

We work hard. We make lots of jokes. We cheers beers, ride bikes together, go to shows and trade dogsitting favors. We have tremendous amounts of respect for each other and for what we do. Stumptown is a family on an elemental level. Many of us are artists, musicians, creative types, and passionate types. It helps our coffee taste better and it makes our work lives richer.

And we drink the best office coffee on the planet.

MY Translation

僕らは懸命に働く。ジョークもよく言う。ビールを飲んだり、一緒に自転車で出かけたり。舞台を観に行ったり、ドッグシッターを任せあったりもする。お互いを、そしてそれぞれの仕事ぶりを、とても尊重しているんだ。Stumptown は、根本的には一つの家族。僕たちの多くは、アーティストでだったり音楽家だったりして、クリエイティブで情熱的なタイプ。だからこそ僕らのコーヒーは美味いし、人生が充実している。


Thoughts IN Translation



STUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTERS, Jobs, best office coffee on the planet


Day 18 ❤ Color theory

Day 18 – Color Theory

I love sky blue and whitish green. Well, I like many colors. Personal preference on color seems highly subject to your sense, which is pretty interesting.

SOURCE TEXT – Color Matters : Basic Color Theory “Color Context

Different readings of the same color

©Color Voodoo Publications

If your computer has sufficient color stability and gamma correction (link to Is Your Computer Color Blind?) you will see that the small purple rectangle on the left appears to have a red-purple tinge when compared to the small purple rectangle on the right. They are both the same color as seen in the illustration below. This demonstrates how three colors can be perceived as four colors.

Note: The image above is cited from the website Color Matters


MY Translation


お使いのコンピュータの色の安定性が高く、ガンマ補正が行われている場合(参照リンク:Is Your Computer Color Blind?)、上の図では、右側の小さな四角の紫と比べて、左側の小さな四角の紫が赤紫っぽく見えるのにお気づきだろうか。実際は下に示したように両方とも同じ色。これは、3つの色が 4色に認識されることを示した例である。


Thoughts IN Translation




color, color theory, color stability, gamma correction, perceived, different readings of the same color

Day 17 ❤️ Morning Beauty Routine

Day 17 – Morning Beauty Routine of Miranda Kerr

Recently, there are a lot of magazines featuring morning routines that are supposed to help your day become more focused and motivated. This text is talking about some  of Miranda Kerr’s morning routine, but more


On rising – Warm water with lemon

I drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half an organic lemon each morning. Warm lemon water in the morning helps kick start the digestion process for the rest of the day. It’s also a morning ritual that cleanses the system, boosts your immune system and balances pH levels because lemons are very alkalizing. They are also abundant in Vitamin C, which promotes healing and health.

MY Translation




Beauty routine, morning, warm lemon water, Miranda Kerr, Vitamin C, alkalizing, healing and health,


Day 16 ♥ Portland Local News – Lead level in water

DAY 16 – Local News from Portland Oregon  

I used to live in Portland, Oregon. It is a beautiful city and I loved living there. Just checked the local news that reports highest lead level in water in some areas. That’s pretty scary. Hope people won’t have a permanent effect on their bodies by accidentally drinking it.

SOURCE TEXT: The Oregonian (June 12th, 2016)

Two Portland-area water samples set records for lead

Water collected in two Portland-area homes recently logged the highest lead levels reported locally in nearly two decades, new testing data obtained by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows.

Water from a home in Tigard recorded lead of 648 parts per billion. A home in unincorporated Washington County tested at 113 parts per billion.

MY Translation




Thoughts on Translation

unincorporated Washington County – “unincorporated(非法人化)” が Washington 全体にかかるのか、それとも、Washington の一部に非法人化地域があるのかがわからなかったのですが、答えは後者の、郡の中に非法人化地域がある(Washington County, Oregon)みたいです。

lead of 648 parts per billion – これも厄介でした。他にいい訳があれば、ぜひ教えてください。


Portland, Oregon, Tigard, Washington, County, Water, lead levels, Oregonian, local news

Day 15 ❤️ “LET GO”

Day 15 – “Let go”

The expression “Let go” is also used in this 5 minutes meditation exercise, which I enjoy a few times a week. I open my eyes with more energy and mind focus, or a feeling of being myself, after a few minutes of medication practice:)

SOURCE TEXT – Mindfulness Guided Meditation – 5 Minutes

(1:33) …whatever you notice is ok. And anything that takes you away from this noticing is a distraction. Any thought about the future or the past, any worry or expectation. Any internal dialogue or judgement. Notice and let go. With forgiveness, with patience, notice and let go. 


Thoughts IN Translation

この let go は、「忘れてください」でもいいかなと思いましたが、認識したものをすぐに「(マインドが)忘れる」という段階に至るのは相当困難なので、「意識して忘れる」という意味がニュアンス的に含まれそうな「手放す」にしてみました。









Day 14 – Japanese translation 365 days ♥ “LET GO”

Day 14 – “Let go”

We’ll talk about another “Let go” case.

Example 2: “British Vogue” Youtube Channel – Inside the Wordrobe of Miranda Kerr
| Episode 3 | 

*In this video (on 5:30), to the question, “If you had a fire, what would be the one item you keep?” Miranda Kerr says, “Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about anything. Just let it all go.

MY Translation